triosence Giulia

  • official release:

    February 4, 2022 (SONY Music, Masterworks)

  • line-up:

    piano Bernhard Schüler

    bass Omar Rodriguez Calvo

    drums Tobias Schulte

    trumpet & flugelhorn Paolo Fresu

  • producer:

    Bernhard Schüler

  • recording information:

    Recorded at Artesuono Recording Studios in Udine, Italy June 18-23, 2021 by Stefano Amerio. Mixed and mastered September 2021 by Stefano Amerio.

On their new album “Giulia” modern European jazz-trio triosence pays tribute to the beauty of life in eleven colourful composition that could hardly be more diverse, optimistic and virtuosic. Legendary trumpet player Paolo Fresu is featured on the album as a special guest.

An inspiring feeling of “dolce vita” lives in all songs of the album, which German-Cuban piano trio triosence - Bernhard Schüler (piano), Omar Rodriguez Calvo (bass) and Tobias Schulte (drums) - recorded in the picturesque Italian region of “Friuli Venezia” in June 2021. “Giulia” is a musical liberation, full of confidence and lightness, and at the same time an homage to the picturesque Italian region where it was recorded and which used to be called Friuli Venezia Giulia until 2001.

The emotional images set to music by mastermind Bernhard Schüler conjure up the happy, carefree moments of life - the physical closeness of a loved one, a trip to Tuscany or watching squirrels transform the garden at home into a madhouse. “Giulia” combines various jazz styles, tempos and moods. Pieces like “Odd Times” or “Little Big Steps” seem nostalgic and dreamy. Others, however, like “Armando's Farewell” or the title track, have something boundlessly optimistic - while “Squirrel's Rock” and “Ambiguity” seem downright rocky. Two compositions are dedicated to Bernhard Schüler's musical idols: one to pianist Chick Corea (“Armando's Farewell”), the other to Bill Evans (“Needless To Say”).

The legendary Italian jazz trumpeter Paolo Fresu contributed as a special guest to no less than three of the album's tracks and had a decisive influence on them: “He is one of my favourite musicians”, says Schüler, “I had contacted him before, but unfortunately it never worked out. Then last year he replied to me that he wouldn't actually enter into any collaborations, but that he found the style and vibe of triosence so great that he would make an exception. I was extremely pleased and inspired by that.”

Recorded by renowned engineer and producer Stefano Amerio, giulia was recorded in the summer of 2021 at Artesuono Recording Studios in Udine. A place that Schüler raves about as much as the entire Friuli Venezia region. The compositions of Bernhard Schüler are also inspired by its flair of harmony, warmth and confidence. He creates shimmering sound paintings with his music, which he sometimes calls "song jazz": "We are concerned with singable melodies with song-like structures. This focus on melody and songs distinguishes us from other jazz trios."

Play song-snippets from the Album:

Odd TimesLittle Big Steps – ft. PaolArmando's FarewellSquirrel's RockGiuliaYour NearnessNeedless To SayAmbiguityIf I Only KnewQuiet SenseNo Risk No Fun

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