about triosence

„The new faces of German Jazz“

This is how the German magazine stern referred to triosence, the trio formed in 1999 by Bernhard Schüler (piano), Omar Rodriguez Calvo (bass) and Tobias Schulte (drums).

Since their debut album, “First Enchantment”, released in 2002, triosence has been praised by the music press all around the world. The trio has been acclaimed as one of the most successful jazz imports and as “the piano trio that changed our impression of the ‘stiff German jazz’.” ¹

triosence has performed all over the world, with tours in Germany, the United States, Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, France, Spain, Norway, The Netherlands, Turkey, Lebanon, Romania, Albania and many more.

Over the years they have created their own fresh and unique style from a combination of Jazz, Fusion, Folk and World Music. Due to their emphasize of melody and focus on the essence of the song as their trademark, the trio has labeled their music songjazz. Besides that the “trio-essence” lies within the emancipation of piano, bass and drums. Each instrument can take the lead. Thus, they have a much wider spectrum of sound than traditional trios normally have. The result is music that connects with a variety of audiences, from pure jazz fans to those who haven’t found themselves among jazz listeners before.

1) Swing Journal Japan


piano & composition Bernhard Schüler

Born on September 19th 1979 in Kassel, Germany, Bernhard started his musical education by taking piano lessons at the age of 7. Later on he learned clarinet and saxophone. At 15 he began to compose and arrange his first original compositions. In 1995 he founded his first band, Basar. As saxophone player, bandleader and composer Bernhard was already very successful with this group. He became a regional and national winner of the German jazz competition “Jugend jazzt” (Youth Jazz) in 1996 and 1999. In 1999 and 2001 he won the same competition with his 2nd and current band, triosence. From 1996 until 2000 he was a member of the “Landesjugendjazzorchester Hessen” (Youth Jazz Orchestra of Hessen). In the 2nd national jazz competition “Jugend jazzt” Bernhard was decorated with a solo prize by the “Deutscher Musikrat” (German Music Association) for his piano playing. In 2000 he received the first prize in the solo competition for Jazz piano at the same festival.

From 1999 to 2006 Bernhard studied jazz piano at the Cologne Music Conservatory with Hubert Nuss (Germany) Hans Luedemann (Germany) and John Taylor (England).
In spring 2004 he graduated with a diploma and in 2006 received his master degree (Konzertexamen)

In recent years his songs have won numerous international song contests. Recently he won the international Christmas song contest “The Next Holiday Classic” in the USA.
Since Autumn 2012 Bernhard Schüler lives in Bremen, Germany.

bass Omar Rodriguez Calvo

Omar Rodriguez Calvo was born August 19, 1973 in Matanzas on Cuba. In 1984 he began to study classic music in Matanzas Cuba (E. V. A.) from 1988-1994 in La Habana (E. N. A.) and (I. S. A.) acoustic bass, electric bass, classic, and jazz. He has played with, Ramon Valle, Hamburger Symphoniker, NDR Bigband, Joe Gallardo, Matthias Höfs, Jenae Philharmonie, Tingvall-trio, Kurt Elling, Orlando "Maraca" Valle, Nils Landgren, Horacio „El Negro“ Hernandez, Perico Sambeat, Ernesto Simpson, Roy Hargrove, Mike Stern, Omar Sosa, Jesse van Ruller, Gerardo Núñez, Chano Dominguez, Ulf Wakenius, Orange Blue, Anette Maiburg, the Formation Classica Cubana, hr-Bigband (Parcifal Goes Habanna).

. Nomination for the ECHO Jazz in 2016 as Instrumentalist of the Year National Bass / Bass guitar
. Nomination for the ECHO Jazz in 2015 as Instrumentalist of the Year National Bass / Bass guitar
. Five Jazz Awards in gold with the Tingvall Trio
. International Impala Award for VÄGEN from Skip Records
. 2-ECHO-Jazz with Tingvall-Trio 2012
. HANS- with Tingvall-Trio "Hamburger Produktion des Jahres" 2011
. ECHO-Jazz with Tingvall-Trio 2010
. ECHO-Klassik with Classica Cubana 2009

drums & percussion Tobias Schulte

Tobias Schulte was born May 7, 1982 in Hattingen (Germany). Ten years later, he started to play the drums. After his study at the Los Angeles Music Academy his hobby became his job. Because his interest in all kinds of musical genre, he plays with variety of artists like Nils Landgren, Jean Louis Matinier, Edgar Knecht, Heino, Johnny Logan, Limahl etc. He is a member of the Edgar Knecht Trio and played at international renowned Jazz- and Worldmusic Festivals. He is a multiple winner of the Worldmusic-Award Creole.

The Drumschool-Kassel is leaded by him, he is the director of the HR (Hessischer Rundfunk) Band for the Hessentag TV-Shows and you can watch and listen to him regularly in the radio and TV.

Tobias Schulte is endorser for Ahead Armor Cases, Rohema Drumsticks and Evans Drumheads

More information at: www.tobiasschulte.com