triosence Scorpio Rising

  • official release:

    August 30, 2019 (SONY Music, OKeh Records)

  • line-up:

    piano Bernhard Schüler

    bass Omar Rodriguez Calvo

    drums Tobias Schulte

  • producer:

    Bernhard Schüler

  • recording information:

    Recorded, mixed and mastered at Artesuono Studio in Udine, Italy by Stefano Amerio (January 7-10, 2019)

Over the past few years, I've unexpectedly got a bit into astrology. Many songs on this album, and even the title, refer to it. Actually, this is something that for half of my life I disregarded as nonsense, even anti-science. However, personal experiences, encounters with special people over the years, and personal observation in this field, have made me let go of this prejudgement. I came to realize that it is a very old tradition which is rooted in centuries of observing patterns. It simply sees us humans, not as detached from the universe, but as an interconnected part of it, and puts our lives in relation to the cosmos around it. It seems that only the detached, modern and egocentric human mind is willing to see itself as this free-willed individual that can’t possibly be influenced by the time, the place, by all of the circumstances present, when it came into existence.

Our minds are capable of incredible things and can go beyond our earthly boundaries – our thoughts are free. Yet as biological entities, we also can’t deny that we are still part of this world and as such are connected to this vast organism in ways which we don’t fully understand, nor do we really see our place in it, or what factors actually have an influence on us. to me it seems quite logical that in this interconnected world, the individual place where we enter it influences or determines how and who we are.

It seems that in our western world we cling very hard to absolutes and materialism. Things are either right or wrong, things either exist or they don’t. Only what we can see, touch and explain is real. We rely and worship science as if it can give the ultimate answer to everything, but apparently even science knows very little so far about the nature of our reality and the universe. According to science, 80 percent of the universe consists of “dark matter”. That's 80 percent which scientists have absolutely no idea about – what it actually is or does – but must just be there. It's interesting that we base our whole knowledge on just 20 percent and yet seem so sure of ourselves, when 80 percent of “everything” remains a total mystery.

Maybe one day science will discover a scientific explanation, or another reason for the observed patterns described by astrology. Be that as it may, I find it a beautiful concept that we are all connected to the universe and influenced by it on such a profound level and that our personality, to some extent, is rooted in this particular connection with it. It totally fascinated me and gave me inspiration for a lot of the music on this album.

I want to leave it there. I am not trying to convince anyone of anything, rather i want to encourage everyone to look for his or her own answers and find one’s own way to give meaning to life – one way or another.

Concerning music, it’s pretty much the same thing. There is so much different music out there, just like there are different ideas in science, politics, religion or anything else. There might also be a mainstream or directions that get more acknowledgement than others, but in music, it is more obvious that there is no right or wrong – only different paths.

With triosence, we started along our path 20 years ago. We came to many crossroads – went “left”, went “right”, and often didn’t really know where we were going – but we stayed faithful and true to ourselves and kept going. By now, we pretty much know where we are heading and who we are. Still, it is my belief that there are many, many different paths, not just the one, or that only one is right. So, let us be aware and have respect for other paths, other perspectives, for new ideas as well as tradition. They all might hold a piece to the puzzle.

Bernhard Schüler, March 2019

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Taurus LineScorpio RisingCruise ControlThe Stars, The Sun And The MoonWaitingJasmineWhen She's AngryGoing In CirclesSeu DitoCan't Let Go

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