triosence Turning Points

  • official release:

    March 8, 2013 (SONY Music, SONY Classical)

  • line-up:

    piano Bernhard Schüler

    bass Matthias Nowak & Ingo Senst

    drums Stephan Emig

  • producer:

    Bernhard Schüler

  • recording information:

    Recorded at Rainbow Studio in Oslo, Norway, April 20-24, 2012 by Jan Erik Kongshaug

    Mixed at Hansahaus Studios in Bonn, Germany, August 3-10, 2012 by Klaus Genuit

    Mastered at Sterling Sound in New York, USA, August 31, 2012 by Ted Jensen

Although at times there are musical reasons that lend a title or a motto to a song, more often it’s special experiences or occurences that have inspired me to compose music – be it love, friendship, beauty or even pain and sorrow. As such, the musical components expressed in the songs are as varied as the stories which inspired them.*
In moments of intense experience, inspiration can flow directly through you; you simply have to let it in and write it down. In this way, you can gain something positive out of situation that appeared at first to be only negative. Very often, these moments in particular are the ones that have the strongest creative effect.
The time in which the music of this album was created spans nearly 15 years of life experience. Many songs mark turning points on the path from a teenager to my university years and up until the present time. I hope you enjoy the music and witness for yourself some of these “Turning Points“.

Since founding in 1999, triosence’s bandleader and pianist Bernhard Schüler and his colleagues Stephan Emig (drums) and Matthias Nowak (bass) have developed an unique musical style, called “songjazz” which always leave the audiences deeply touched and mesmerized.
Featuring charismatic and catchy original compositions, the release of triosence’s fifth CD “turning points” in 2013 marks the culmination of triosence’s work.
In 2011, triosence was commissioned by Taiwan Taoyuan Cultural Affair Bureau for a joint cross-culture project for the centennial celebration of Taiwanese government. One of the iconic Taiwanese traditional music re-arranged by the bandleader, Bernhard Schüler, is included in this album.

In addition to the album there is a free-of-charge album app for iphone and ipad available. It contains many interesting bonus features such as music videos, photos, sheet music, background information, tour dates and an exclusive bonus track.

listen to excerpts of Turning Points:

No One's FaultOne Too MuchSummer RainSecret HolidayYour NearnessSeven 2 EightEmiGo For ItUnrequited LoveWinter RainBack To ProgressOn A TreeSpeak LowIlha FormosaTurning PointsAs If It Was Yesterday

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